Welcome to our digital abode!

Serving Vere Street Tattoos and our amazing community of Family, Collaborators, and Living Canvases, has been a true lifeline since we first opened on this street in 2012.

In gratitude to Tattooing and every amazing friend we’ve made along the way, we decided to step it up a notch; To build the best possible home to dig ever deeper, into our transformational craft. A hub, to stimulate visionary thinking and to instigate new artistic collaborations.

This virtual space is to support that end, letting you into our world and connecting an artist that will be excited about bringing your ideas to life!

So, dive deep, learn the Story of this Place and meet the Team!
In the Tattooing section, whether you're a first timer or a veteran, we've got you covered - from prep tips to aftercare.

Skip straight to the Contact page if you know what you’re after and want to reach a human directly!


Joe, Charl, Jess, Beanie, Arthur and Seren