Quoting & Booking

To book in, there are two ways that we can get the ball rolling;

The first is to fill out our Booking Form and to leave it to our experienced shop manager to link you with a price and the perfect artist for your tattoo!

The second is for those who want work from a specific artist in a particular style.
Click here to browse our resident portfolios and contact them directly with the details of your project and they will guide you from giving you a quote to booking your consultation and booking your sessions.

Every custom tattoo, due to its nature, requires a free consultation (by video call or in person) before being able to give an accurate price. Our artists and shop manager will be happy to help, whenever you're ready to contact them.

 Pricing, as a rule of thumb, expect to pay a £50 minimum, £70 per hour or £350 for our 6 hour day rate with one of our pro artists. It's worth noting that each artist is also able to use their discretion with existing regulars or for portfolio pieces.

Preffered Appointment Slot

Thanks, we aim to respond within 3 days! 

If you do not 
receive contact after this time, please call or text 07455748325 and we will chase it up for you