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Quoting & Booking

Most custom tattoos, require a free consultation (by video call or in person) to look at your project, to make a plan, and to give an accurate price.

To give a rough idea of what you can expect, here are the most important details that you will need before deciding who is best for your tattoo. You will also find a direct link so that you can reach out to each of them directly.

Arthur Booga

Detail specialist and cover-up king

Waiting Time: 1-2 months
Price: £70/hour . £350/day

Beanie James

Horror and Pop culture illustrative style wizard

Waiting Time: 1-2 months
Price: £70/hour . £350/day

Jess M K

Fineline blackwork and Pokémon master

Waiting Time:​ 1-2 months
Price: £70/hour . £350/day

Joe Phillips

Bio Psychedelic custom projects

Waiting Time:​ 1-3 months
Price: £75/hour . £375/day

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