Prep & Aftercare

Explainer Video

-Good night's Kip
-balanced meals the day before
- have breakfast with carbs for slow release energy and natural sugars 
- bring snacks
-painkillers - ibuprofent / paracetamol / TKTX
-Choose aftercare that's best for you

Aftercare can vary from person to person so here's some info that will help guide you towards a method that works best for you. 

WET HEAL.                      DRY HEAL

Below are a few rules of thumb which help no matter how you choose to look after your tattoo.

-get a decent natural moisturiser or balm for the dry stage.
-wash hands before touching your tattoo and always use antibacterial soap or clean water when cleaning up.
-eat well
-no swimming
-don't pick

We have some much more in depth aftercare instructions on our LEAFLETS which are freely available at the shop and come with the Tattoo Aftercare packs!