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Tattoo Artist Statement

Just a laid back dude, making my way with a sick team behind me.


Eternally grateful to be a part of the tattoo community and the level of trust that comes with it.


Looking forward to seeing where the everflowing stream of progress takes me.


Highly condone good vibes.

Tattoo Artist Bio

Being born and raised in the Cadoxton area of Barry, taking up my new residence in Vere Street Tattoos recently felt somewhat homely. 


From an early age, I was always told I was relatively good at art, but I’d never really considered it a viable skill to have in life; an inevitable outlook when you’re told by the education system that the only successful people in life are those with letters after their name or a bleak office space to call their own. Nevertheless, I was always drawing, on anything and everything, usually “tattooing” myself with a biro after I’d given up wondering when Pythagoras’ theorem would ever be useful to me. 


After enduring two years of sixth form, I’d come to the conclusion that I didn’t want a career in I.T., or as a 16th Century playwright- seemingly the sole purpose of my time there. During that time, I’d started noticing how art was everywhere and in everything, how we’re surrounded by it constantly. I loved absorbing it as much as I enjoyed - and still enjoy- making it; surely there’s a way I could make a career of it?


After taking a short and refreshing Graphic Design course at Barry college, it was time to find work. Telling myself that tattooing was just an unrealistic pipe-dream, I turned my attention to looking for a job in advertising or printing. A fair few ignored job applications later, I was introduced to Stubob, a local tattooist, who took me on as a general hand for his shop, and eventually, as an apprentice. 


The next now-treasured few years would see me working consistently to become more confident- both in myself, and as a tattooist- and meeting some awesome people, who I’ve had the pleasure of tattooing and becoming friends with through our shared love of tattoos and having a laugh together; you guys are f*cking class, and I can never thank you or Stubob enough for enabling me to work my legit dream job. 


And so, my next chapter starts here, at Vere Street Tattoos. Meeting Joe a couple of years ago changed my outlook on what it means to be a tattooist, and motivated me to push myself that extra mile in all aspects of my art. I’m excited to soak in all as much knowledge as I can from Joe and all of the sick guest artists that visit.

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