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Cadoxton Vision Train Station

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Amanda Sage’s wondrous brain child, the Vision Train has been lighting the World, delivering Vital Awareness, Knowledge, Fun, Compassion and Creativity during one of the most insane periods in human Story. Through Community Brain Shining and Reflection, we’ve each been compelled  to participate in what’s being called the Regennaisance. With our mouths, hands and eyes we each play our part in creating a collective vision of the future that we can step proudly in to.

Each conductor knows his route like no other so it’s their job to deliver the precious cargo; To make sure that it’s unpacked well and to guide new passengers to their seats, as they travel onward to the University, Stations and Junction Points that the Vision Train can take them to.

This is one such junction point! This all-inclusive directory for artists on the path of service for the Divine creative spirit. May this nexus point between ideas and action, be a useful tool in the quest to manifest unique beauty and inspiring Earth conscious action.

Click Here for the Vision Train's Excellent Website and find out how to join our 24/7 non-stop art jam!!

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Route Map!
All aboard to get into the VT Topia! Get inspired and meet a world of vibrant creators and makers who are on the front lines of grounding visionary thinking into local communities and beyond!

All Hands on Deck!

Sick of your work doing insane amounts of air miles, undermining the earth conscious intentions of your beloved craft? Fed up of your customers paying surprise international export/import taxes? Are you interested in experimenting with bringing an online class to an intimate facilitated in-person classroom in South Wales?

Well, All hands on Deck aims to be an enabling force for all this, and more! We're thinking an affordable Print/Make to order service, that would drop ship to your customers on our corner of the world. We've got a dedicated learning area for an intimate group to be guided into a skill set upgrade and to engage South Wales with some of the amazing ideas and principles that are behind the vision train

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