5 years ago, Joe created a series of 13 SpaceBanger marker drawings that launched his style and career out of Barry and onto a wild journey of self discovery. Now, he is revisiting each of these original designs and bringing them back to life in a refined painted form, putting years of learning and growing into each piece.


From Joe:

I’ve been on a bit of a journey with this guy this week! The original was very family friendly and was a gift to my eldest son, and this was going to follow the same theme, but as you can see he ended up with an absolute warhead of a spliff, so I guess that’s out of the window now! 😂

Barry town has a healthy population of cannabis connoisseurs and when I was building the scene it was natural to add this herbal accessory.

Towards the end of the painting I was thinking of just painting it out so that it would be more family friendly but fuck it. As usual with my paintings, it developed a life of its own and it feels wrong to exclude this detail and here’s why:

Typically, pot smokers are ignorantly stereotyped as lazy and work-shy, and down and outers- and don’t get me wrong, there are a few of those. Rest assured though, there are many more that keep their habits private, and live perfectly productive lives and are dedicated to their families. For me, ganja has been a powerful ally through some pretty harrowing times, and yes, whilst I may not have been so prolific and active whilst regularly partaking, my mind was free to wander above the hard emotional stress I was involved in at the time and it helped me get through.

Even now there are good people I know who would be going up the wall in quarantine but, instead, are using it to get their creativity flowing to help pass the time.

It must be said though, as much as I love my fuzzy ally, in no way do I think it’s appropriate for everybody and I can't stress enough that care should be taken by the curious. EROWID is a fantastic community resource that puts safety first; definitely worth checking whether you’re a Level 100 Ganja Master™️ or a pot Padawan! 😅

Anyway, I want more positive drug stories! Bill Hicks knows ;)

Feel free to share yours 🖤


Printed on 380gsm matte laminate card, with gold foil detailing.

Signed and Limited Edition of 25

Also includes a reprint of the original 'T-Rex' design sticker and postcard

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