Vere Street Tattoos is a private tattoo studio in Barry, South Wales.

Our small team is currently made up of shop owner and resident tattooist Joe Phillips, apprentice Jess, and Charl, to keep things ticking over.

Since summer 2014, things have been massively busy for the VST team. The shop has seen a huge transformation, Charlotte joining the team, a complete interior refurb, some sprucing up on the exterior, and a name change. 

During this time, Joe worked his first tattoo convention, and created the first 'Psychedelic Space Banger’, for which he won his first award. This lead to more more awards, and more conventions & guest spots across the globe.

In 2019, we welcomed Jess into the shop to start her VST apprenticeship, and we are so excited to see how her progress continues. 

The future is looking promising for Vere Street Tattoos and our little team!

For more information, photos of recent work, news, or bookings and enquiries, please visit our social media pages or email

Take care!

The VST Team